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Perrier's Bounty

Perrier's Bounty

Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson

Total Film

April 2010

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Cillian Murphy gets half-cocked on the set of Perrier’s Bounty...

A black comedy about criminals in Dublin, made in England? Such are the vagaries of low-budget filmmaking that Buzz finds itself not in Ireland for Perrier’s Bounty, but a working men’s club in London where a snooker hall shootout is playing out between Cillian Murphy on one side and Brendan Gleeson and his gang on the other. “There’s a lot of guns going off, but I don’t want to make it look cool,” says director Ian Fitzgibbon. “I want to make it look real and funny.”

Mission accomplished: Murphy’s hoodlum, on the lam from crimelord Perrier (Gleeson), makes a prat of himself with the firearm, firing it off by accident at Perrier’s goons. After the scene has wrapped, Murphy strolls over to chat with Buzz. “He’s a crap criminal,” he laughs. “He needs a big bite of reality kebab.” The chance to pit Murphy and Gleeson opposite each other was the appeal for Fitzgibbon. That and the Dublin slang of Mark O’Rowe’s script. “He’s like an Irish David Mamet. And Cillian and Brendan are both playing a blinder,” says the actor-turned-director.

Shot over eight days in Ealing Studios, the climax takes place in Perrier’s dank lair, where Murphy is threatened. “There’s a thing called a ‘Morris Joyce’ – he stole from Perrier, so they cut off his penis and shoved it up his ass,” says Murphy. “That’s what they want to do to me.” And as for similarities to another Irish crim-com, no one minds. “People will say it’s another In Bruges’,” admits Fitzgibbon. “If they do, we’ll go, ‘Yeah, great…’.”

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