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Let's Go To Prison

Let's Go To Prison

Total Film

July 2007

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Director Bob Odenkirk
Starring Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, Chi McBride, David Koechner
Cert 15

Film **     Extras *

With its cavalier title and bad-taste scenarios, you might not realise this is meant to be a comedy until you scratch the CVs of its main players. And even then, it’s like the unwanted child of The Shawshank Redemption after an ill-advised drunken rut with a Rob Schneider film. Will Arnett here blows the top-dog status he earned in Arrested Development (as demented magician Gob) and Blades Of Glory (as Ferrell and Heder’s ice-skating nemesis), playing the priggish rich boy who gets framed into a stint in chokey by a vengeful ex-con (Dax Shepard). The career criminal then joins Arnett inside and ensures his life is like the worst bits of Oz and Prison Break on a running loop.

With a couple Reno 911!-ers behind the screenplay and comedy hack Bob Odenkirk (the cult TV series Mr Show) at the helm, Prison’s jailbird kingdom should yield plenty of perverse spoofery. Instead it chooses to trip you up with its slow-burn deadpan, which is weird, but not a whole lotta laughs. No extras. 


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