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Total Film

July 2000

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Director Alfred Hitchcock
Starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes, Tom Helmore
Cert PG

Film *****

Often held up as the towering achievement of Hitchcock's career, not to mention the most deeply personal film he ever made. Which, with its unsettling tale of fetishistic obsession, makes you wonder what strange thoughts were chugging through Hitch's mind at the time. Superb movie, though.


Obsessed With Vertigo featurette, commentary, trailers, production notes, cast and film-makers' notes.A brilliant illustration of how DVD can (and should) inspire studios to pump money into film preservation. Robert A Harris and James Katz completed their restoration of Hitchcock's classic back in 1996, but the glorious results are brought to vivid life on DVD. With a half-hour featurette about Vertigo's making and restoration, and commentary by Harris, Katz and Vertigo's associate producer Herbert Coleman, this is a must-own disc for the serious film fanatic.

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