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The Big Blue: Version Longue

The Big Blue: Version Longue

Total Film

August 2000

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Director Luc Besson
Starring Jean-Marc Barr, Rosanna Arquette, Jean Reno, Marc Duret
Cert 15

Film **

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Boy loves dolphin more. The end. Luc Besson's tale of a diving champion (Jean-Marc Barr) whose connection to the sea is cast in mystical overtones is either self-indulgent twaddle or an existential epic, depending on your level of Besson fandom. The aquatic cinematography is undoubtedly glorious, but it's a dramatically inert film marred by lack of plot momentum and two really dull characters.

Theatrical trailer. Dedicated enthusiasts of Besson's aquaphiliac love story will be ecstatic that at least this is the Version Longue, but even they're likely to feel cheated by the almost total absence of extras. So Luc Besson can't be arsed to furnish this or the recent DVD release of Leon with director's commentary? Get with the programme, Luc - - your English can't be that bad...

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