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Sweet Smell Of Success

Sweet Smell Of Success

Total Film

June 2002

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Director Alexander Mackendrick
Starring Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Susan Harrison
Cert PG

Film *****

JJ Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster) is the most powerful (and hated) gossip columnist in New York. Sidney Falco (Tony Curtis) is the oily press agent he mobilises to destroy the romance between his sister and a jazz musician. The plot is just an excuse, though, to explore Hunsecker and Falco's creepy love-hate partnership - - and JJ's even creepier love for his sister.

Trailer. Helmed by ex-Ealing Studios man Alexander Mackendrick, this is as incisive a dissection of the lust for power and fame as you'll see. Equipped with Clifford Odets' strychnine dialogue and two of the most heartless slimeballs in cinema history, it's a real shame that an undisputed classic is slipped out with just a paltry trailer.

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