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Kiss Of The Dragon

Kiss Of The Dragon

Total Film

September 2002

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Director Chris Nahon
Starring Jet Li, Bridget Fonda, Tchéky Karyo
Cert 18

Film ***

A mix of Jet Li and Luc Besson (who produced/scripted), Kiss Of The Dragon casts Paris as a sleazy haven of thugs, hookers and dirty cops. Li is a Beijing cop trying to bust a Chinese drug lord, only to be framed for his death by evil plod Tchéky Karyo. Believability loses out to action, but, hey, this is a Jet Li film. Who cares if it ditches the plot when it's got brutal martial arts set-pieces, fizzy visuals from director Chris Nahon and pleasing chemistry between Li and Bridget Fonda, as a streetwalker caught in the mayhem?

Commentary by Jet Li, Bridget Fonda and Chris Nahon, three featurettes, action scene demo, action gallery, storyboards, trailer and TV spots. Li, Fonda and Nahon obviously weren't in the same room for the single commentary, leaving it feeling disjointed and forced. The featurettes aren't a huge improvement either, largely rehashing the same material. So it's over to the action scene breakdowns to save the day, the storyboard-to-film comparisons supported by fun footage of ace fight choreographer Corey Yuen at work.

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