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Total Film

July 2005

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Director Jonathan Glazer
Starring Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Cameron Bright, Danny Huston
Cert 15

Film **** Extras *

Memo to Nicole Kidman: please say yes to more films like Birth and no to overstuffed turkeys like Cold Mountain. Frankly, Kidman's in a different league as an actress when she embraces her independent spirit to work with directors able to expose her translucent fragility. And Jonathan Glazer's unsettling mood piece brings out her best: as Anna, a pampered Manhattanite about to remarry when a solemn, unsmiling 10-year-old boy shows up at a family birthday party claiming to be her dead husband, she is mesmerising.

With Glazer tipping his hat to Rosemary's Baby (down to Kidman's barnet), Birth dives deep and maintains an ominous vibe throughout, only to take an unsatisfying plot lurch at the end. But it's still invigorating stuff that'll leave you eager to see what the Sexy Beast helmer does next.


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