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Easy Virtue

Easy Virtue

Original Soundtrack

Total Film

December 2008

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Music by Marius De Vries
Label Decca

Rating ***

From the genius behind Moulin Rouge!’s pop-rock vision comes this soundtrack to the Noel Coward romp. But what works brilliantly onscreen doesn’t necessarily leap onto iPod and Marius De Vries’ first post-Rouge! outing hardly pushes any boundaries or many buttons, merely serving as a competent trawl through the lyrical wit and  tinkly, trumpety repertoire of composers like Coward, Cole Porter and Gus Kahn. The only twist comes in tarting up ‘Car Wash’ and ‘Sex Bomb’ in ’30s musical dressing, while the highlight is a lush, power-ballad cover of Coward standard ‘Mad About The Boy’, infused with Bond-theme soul by Jessica Biel’s estimable, 21st Century-girl vocals. If only De Vries had asked her to belt out a few more…

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