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Dance With Me (2010)

Dance With Me (2010)

Total Film

June 2010

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Director Sasha C Damjanovski
Starring Johanne Murdock, Adam Napier
Cert 15

Rating **

On enforced leave from his high-powered job, Neil (Adam Napier) sips tea on a bench, gazing out over a lake; his partner Alice (Johanne Murdock) brings him lunch, only for Neil to engage her in some passive-aggressive verbal jousting that goes nowhere…

Much like writer-director Sasha C. Damjanovski’s navel-gazing examination of their faltering relationship, in which Alice’s fragile mental state is represented by two mute tango dancers floating around their summer-house studio, Neil’s by long, vacant stares.

With all the visual panache of a student graduation film, this barebones Brit indie fosters mild curiosity and then mystified ennui.

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