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The Young Victoria

The Young Victoria

Emily Blunt

Total Film

January 2008

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Emily Blunt, dressing sharp...

Mention Queen Victoria and most people will picture Judi Dench’s grumpy widow harrumphing around the palace dressed in black. But while she definitely gives good steely glare, Emily Blunt, portraying Victoria as she morphs from a secluded, mother-stifled princess to iron-willed Queen of the British Empire, definitely won’t be harrumphing – or wearing much black. “Contrary to popular belief,” Blunt tells Buzz on set, “she was a feisty, vibrant person when she was younger.”

Fresh from her star-making turn in The Devil Wears Prada, Blunt says she demanded (“very queenly of me!”) the role. Oscar-winning producer team Graham King and Martin Scorsese obliged, casting her as the magnetic young Vic in C.R.A.Z.Y. director Jean-Marc Vallée’s take on a Julian Fellowes script. The real Victoria was a Lilliputian 4ft11, which makes Blunt a relative giant at 5ft7, requiring taller actors to be cast around her – namely Paul Bettany as her trusted advisor and Rupert Friend as Teutonic consort-to-be Prince Albert.

So does Blunt see any similarities between her and Vic? “Well, I’ve heard she wasn’t much of a looker,” the 24-year-old laughs. “But we are similar. We both have these rather hooded eyes and we both like to eat. I eat like a truck-driver but I think I have a better metabolism than she did...”

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