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Swarovski Launches Film Company

Swarovski Launches Film Company

First project is Romeo And Juliet

Thompson On Hollywood/Indiewire

May 2012

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Swarovski is a name fairly well linked to the twin bastions of cinema and glamour; over the years the crystal company has collaborated on costume and jewelry design for everything from “The Wizard Of Oz” to the recent “Mirror Mirror.” Expanding into film production seems a natural step for the luxury brand to take and their production offshoot, Swarovski Entertainment, recently wrapped shooting on its first feature: an adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” shot in Italy and starring Hailee Steinfeld and rising British star Douglas Booth. (More details here.)

The project’s originator was producer Ileen Maisel, who brought the idea of making a traditional version of “Romeo and Juliet” set in medieval Italy to Julian Fellowes. The “Gosford Park”/“Downton Abbey” screenwriter and his wife Emma happen to be friends with Nadja Swarovski and, aware that her family-run company were contemplating the leap into film, suggested they invest in “Romeo And Juliet.”
“I said yes immediately,” says Swarovski. “We want to extend our presence within the film industry in a more proactive way by investing.” Asked why they would want to enter the notoriously risky world of finance and production, Swarovski says, “For us, creativity is the driver for commerce, so film seemed like a natural journey.”

“Romeo And Juliet” will not be, insists the glamorous chairwoman, “a two-hour Swarovski ad. Yes, there is crystal in the costumes and the jewelry but in a subtle yet impactful way.”

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