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Kate Mara

Kate Mara

Stone Of Destiny

Total Film

November 2008

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Kate Mara was knocked out by Scotland. The 25-year-old had never set foot on our sceptred isle, let alone the bit above Hadrian’s Wall, when she was cast in nationalist drum-beating drama Stone Of Destiny. But the native New Yorker embraced the whole experience. “I know this is crazy but I loved the unpredictable weather! And the Scottish are so sarcastic and funny!” she coos to Buzz in, suitably enough, Edinburgh. She blended in by hanging out in pubs. So pints or halves? “You know, my choice is wine. But I did do a pint once...”

That nearly knocked her out too. The petite Mara plays Kay Matheson in Destiny, the true tale of four students who broke into Westminster Abbey in the ‘50s and pinched the Stone of Scone – a hunk of rock Scottish kings used to sit on which had been nicked by Edward I. In real life, Matheson lost her toes when it fell on her feet – a mishap Destiny fails to mention. “I did think, ‘Why didn’t we put that in? Isn’t that a cool titbit?’ ” Not for the real Kay...

Mara, who still has all her toes, got her big break playing Heath Ledger’s teenage daughter in Brokeback Mountain. “Heath was just a sweet, loving person. He was such a gentleman on set. You could tell he had a sister – he knew how to treat women.”

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