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Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander

A Royal Affair

Total Film

July 2012

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Sultry, Swedish and 23, Alicia Vikander was training for the ballet when acting sidetracked her pirouette dreams. No regrets: she’s starring as an English princess married to a mad Danish king in A Royal Affair and a Russian princess in Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina, coming next.

What happened with the ballet?
When I was 16, Tomas Alfredson [Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy] offered me a part in a TV series. My ballet school wasn’t happy but I knew I wanted to do something else.

Now you’re playing two princesses...
A Royal Affair was so grand. It was like all of your young-girl dreams coming true, wearing beautiful costumes and shooting in castles.

So how was Anna Karenina?
I just got back from Russia. Me and the actor who plays my husband spent nine hours on a train, five hours on a bus and two hours on a hovercraft to get to this location out on the ice. It was beautiful but minus 38 degrees. Never again.

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