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Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper

Summer In February

Total Film

July 2013

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Film stars get grilled by readers via Facebook and Twitter. In the hot seat this month: Dominic Cooper

You play the painter AJ Munnings in Summer In February. Any talent with a paintbrush yourself?
We had a wonderful artist where we were filming in Cornwall. I’d go off and have classes in her barn and be reminded how appalling I am at drawing anything. I have no ability at all. I just had to focus on making sure I looked like I knew what I was doing.”

If you could be a real history boy (i.e. a boy from history), who would you be?
I’d just like to be really good at something. Oh, I know: a professional pianist. Mozart! Or a famous sportsman. Nah, that would be too much effort. Let’s stick with Mozart.

What was it like playing Tony Stark’s dad even though you didn’t work with Downey Jr?
I got to see his work so it was fun trying to be someone who I thought would be the father of that person.

If you’d known how it was going to turn out, would you still say yes to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?
[Laughs] I’m not possibly answering that one honestly! The truth is, it’s impossible to read a script and truly understand the outcome. You can start to picture what the film should be and I think they strived to make that film. I still stand by it and, yes, I would still have done it.

Who’s the funniest actor you’ve ever worked with?
I’m constantly meeting people that I find hilarious. It’s tough to say who has been the funniest. Some are full of amusing anecdotes – Richard [Griffiths] was one of those – and other people are just very, very funny in the moment. James [Corden] is a great friend and an incredible comic. His mind is constantly alive with the observation of the amusing.”

Do you still keep in touch with The History Boys crew?
It’s hard, but we all make the effort to see each other. It was an incredibly influential three years of our lives. It raised the bar in terms of the quality of work that we wanted to do. It helped us to understand what good writing is and how much easier it makes our own jobs.

Are you in Captain America 2?
Well... It’s hard to say. We’re shooting something for it. I’ve worn the costume again. But whether they just had me put it on as a joke, I don’t know! [laughs] It was good fun getting back into it and he’s got some very cool shades now. But who knows…

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