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Emily Blunt & Bill Nighy

Emily Blunt & Bill Nighy

Wild Target

Total Film

June 2010

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Buzz sneaks on set of Wild Target and catches Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy bickering…

This remake of a 1993 French comedy trades in mismatches: Bill Nighy as an expert hitman, Rupert Grint as his assassin protégé and Emily Blunt as the kleptomaniac they’re hired to off. Buzz shelters with Blunt and Nighy in the latter’s trailer, and watches the sparks fly...

EMILY BLUNT: My aim is to seduce you in this… [to Nighy] Mortifying, isn’t it?

BILL NIGHY: It’s a bit spooky.

EB: I’m enjoying your embarrassment.

BN: It isn’t unlike the way in which Emily and I, what they laughingly call ‘interact’, in real life anyway.

EB: [laughs] What is my aim in life?

BN: To humiliate and embarrass me. To make me cringe and blush. When I read the script, I thought, “Fuck me, somebody’s been reading our e-mails.” It’s a romantic comedy. I’m old enough to be her grandfather which puts it in a rarely-visited cul-de-sac of the genre.

EB: I’ve got to say you’re quite cat-like in this film. We did a scene the other day where we have to run out of a hotel and you really did surprise me!

BN: As soon as you reach 40 and you break into any kind of sweat, people start saying things like, “Wow, you can actually move.” I’m not fucking dead yet.

EB: Bill runs and fires guns, I steal shit. I’m a highly sexed kleptomaniac. I think I attempt most people in the film. Except Rupert Grint.

BN: Whereas Victor has never slept with anybody. Or even held hands. I’m a lonely, sad, anal, middle-aged hitman.

EB: I don’t want to call it a British comedy. This will be chic and smart…

BN: If there’s a comedy poster for this film, I will kill myself.

EB: I’ll vomit.

BN: She’ll just vomit and move on because she’s young and has a future. I will actually kill myself.

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